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Monetization rules we follow

Operation Hexagon is mainly focused on PVP and building a great community. We are as well highly focused on clans/factions and player suggestions. The server is currently in the start phase, so there might be bugs etc. But we will do our best with fixing them and balancing the server to make the gameplay experience as good as it can. Keep in mind that there might of course be un-fixable bugs.

We follow Bohemia's monetization rules:

Make sure to read the rules carefully and follow them. 
If everyone does this, the game experience will be better for everyone.
NOTE: There might be more rules added along the way as you play, So make sure you are up to date.

Server rules

1.1 No hacking/Exploiting/Duping/Glitching

We do not tolerate any of these actions. 
Hacking: ESP or any type of advantage/cheat is strictly forbidden on this server.
Exploiting: Taking advantage of any error or bug. This includes glitching.
ANY of these actions will result in a permanent ban

1.2 No meta gaming

Please do not meta game. Meta gaming is when game information outside of what is available in-game is used to give a player an advantage, for example: Using streams or chat to get advantage.

1.3 No stream sniping

We do not tolerate stream sniping. This ruins for the server and the streamer. This will result in a 5+ days ban depending on the situation.

1.4 No racism/disrespect

DON’T be racist or show any form of discrimination, This can result in a permanent ban.
DO NOT disrespect any of the players and Admins on the server. This includes hatefull comments etc.


This implies in the chat and in discord!


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